Retail Storage

The stockroom is the heart of your store – if you’re out of stock, you’re out of business. A properly organized static shelving system will efficiently store your products and a mobile system has the potential to nearly double your capacity. That means more stock, a greater selection, and better business. We are highly experienced with retail stockrooms and provide "back of house" (BOH) storage solutions to a variety of small and large store retailers on a day-to-day basis and we’d love to assist you in managing your stockroom storage.

Storing products efficiently within a stockroom, warehouse or distribution center can be a daunting task to undertake. Smaller store areas in shops and retail outlets need to maximize every inch of what is often VERY limited space. Larger retail warehouses need to be very organized and logically planned out for optimal stock picking function. No matter what size or scale of retail storage you have, we can provide retail racking and storage shelving systems that will provide maximum stock capacity while being cost-effective and easy to use.

Maximus Mobile is a retail shelving manufacturer that is able to offer a wide selection of size and configuration options to suit even the most poorly shaped storage area. Due to the neat and well finished components used on our Maximus Mobile retail storage systems, the sales floor can also benefit by using hybrid storage and display units.

Feel free to browse our gallery of commercial storage solutions below to provide inspiration and ideas for your own retail storage area.

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