Maximizing Space

Using a high-density mobile system can increase your storage capacity up to 200%. Unlike conventional shelving where you have a set of stationary shelves with aisles in between each, our mobile systems take that wasted space between static shelves and utilize it.

This is done through placing most of the static shelving on mobile carriages and compacting the shelving. When you need to access  the items in a certain row, one can simply move the shelving to access any items in a row. This can be done manually, through a mechnical-assist mobile system with a rotating handle, or through a powered system where you simply press a button to create an aisle.

The possibilities are endless, whether you're looking to store 2x the amount in the same footprint or store the same amount of stuff in 1/2 the space. Maximus Mobile Storage Systems provide you with the flexibility you need.


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