Documents and records are an integral part of any business. That’s why we offer a full-range of shelving options for filing storage solutions. The office shelving can be made to fit letter, legal or archive boxes, bankers boxes, folders and more. File and shelving dividers can be used to better organize files, folders and other items.  Maximus provides an abundant variety of combinations of shelves, drawers, and fold-out reference shelves can be utilized to meet the specific needs of your workplace.

Our Projects

Whether a back of house retail stockroom, law firm storage room, or industrial warehouse - we can create a storage solution for virtually any application.

Architects, Designers, & Contractors
Maximus Mobile has provided our expertise to various architects, designers, and contractors over the past 25 years. Our turnkey approach allows us to provide more value by providing everything from CAD layouts, material, and performing the installation.
Retail Storage
The stockroom is the heart of your store – if you’re out of stock, you’re out of business. A properly organized static shelving system will efficiently store your products and a mobile system has the potential to nearly double your capacity. That means more stock, a greater selection, and better business. We are highly experienced with retail stockrooms and provide solutions to a variety of large and small store retailers.
Pallet Rack Systems
Industry requires heavy-duty solutions to meet high demand and heavy items. Pallet rack offers strength, durability and flexibility for a wide-range of applications – from bulky items to materials storage to warehousing. A compacting mobile system can also be used to increase warehouse storage capacity.
Office Storage
Documents and records are a necessary component of any business. That’s why we offer a full-range of shelving options for filing and storage. The office shelving can be made to fit letter, legal or records box sizes, folders and more. File and shelving dividers can be used to better organize your files, folders and archive boxes, and other items.
Commercial Real Estate
As a commercial real estate company, you understand the value of space. In your industry, making intelligent, creative use of this valuable commodity is a key factor in generating both value and creating attractive locations for customers. That means you’re ideally positioned to appreciate Maximus Mobile's systems, which take the same approach to storage: making the best possible use of the available space to offer customers something with a unique appeal.
Office Furniture Dealers
Office Furniture Dealers
Education Storage
Maximus Mobile's storage solutions can help your education institution keep their costs down, minimize the amount of space that materials take up, while giving you full access to your resources without compromises.
Healthcare Storage
In hospitals and healthcare facilities, your operations are geared toward one critical mission: delivering rapid, effective, safe care and services to patients. Whether you’re a long-term facility or a walk-in clinic, storage systems are one of the tools you can use to help you achieve your targets. With the right solution, your management of documents, supplies and equipment will become much more effective. You will gain in productivity and enable more rapid, secure access to medical supplies.
Restaurant Storage
If you run a restaurant, you know that proper storage is an important part of your business. We provide storage systems for food storage, beverage storage, supply storage, and equipment storage.
Museum Storage
One of the most important details for museums is managing collections and storage. Here, there are two vital questions that must be answered. 1) How do you find enough space to handle all your collections, especially as they continue to grow over time? 2) How do you ensure they are carefully and securely stored so that they remain in mint condition? Maximus offers storage solutions for all your works of art.
Maximizing Space & Custom Solutions
Using a mobile system can increase your storage capacity up to 200%. Instead of using multiple rows of shelving with aisles between each, those aisles can be eliminated and used for more shelving. This is done by placing most of the shelving units on movable carriages. Moving one or several of the rows of shelving creates an aisle where you can now access the stuff in that row.
Wine Storage
As Seen in WineMaker magazine - we offer both static and mobile shelving options for wine enthusiasts and wine makers.

Our sleek, compact designs will enhance your storage area while increasing the capacity of your bottle storage.
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