Many educational institutions  have  to be run with a balance between providing high quality education while keeping costs down. Fortunately, at Maximus we've worked with many educational institutions to help them store their materials in a way that doesn't take up valuable space. The less space your materials, books, and files take up - the more space you have to use towards productive uses.

Education Storage

Put Safety First While Maximizing Storage of Educational Supplies and Equipment with Maximus Mobile's High-Density, Customizable Mobile and Stationary Shelving and Racking Systems


Running an education institution is a careful balancing act. Whether you’re administering a K-12 elementary school or high school, college or university, you have to juggle many priorities: delivering quality education services while keeping costs down, purchasing additional materials while minimizing the space they take up, making full use of your resources without compromising the safety of students or staff.


Maximus Mobile's movable and stationary high-density storage systems can help you address all of these needs. Simply put, for shelving and racking education supplies, materials and equipment, Maximus has the best and safest storage systems in the world. Our solutions provide intelligent storage that makes the most of your space and adapts as your institution’s needs evolve.


Our extensive range of exceptional storage solutions, both rolling and stationary, large-scale and compact, have many advantages compared to conventional shelving. With our multi-usage systems, you can achieve the following: reduced administrative costs through more efficient use of space; consolidated staff, equipment and files; improved organization, control and security; and lowered maintenance expenses.


With mobile, modular, expandable, and reconfigurable options all available, our products are extremely versatile. This makes them ideal for storing a broad array of items: student files, library books, athletic equipment, musical instruments and whatever else you may need to give your students the education they deserve.


While administration of an educational institution—whether K-12 school, college or university—is not easy, choosing the right shelving solution. Montel’s systems deliver the safest storage in the industry while maximizing capacity for educational supplies, materials and equipment of all kinds. That’s why we’re the star pupil of the storage class.

Education Mobile Shelving | Education Shelving Storage

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